Licensed Psychotherapist in Helotes , TX

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Meet Ms. McClain

Julie McClain, LCSW-S, is the founder and Executive Clinical Supervisor of STAT Counseling & Consulting, LLC, of Helotes, Texas. A mental health therapist and LCSW Clinical Supervisor with more than 17 years of professional experience, Julie founded the practice to offer a distinctly expert and solidly integrative approach to mental health. 

Julie has a background in providing psychiatric assessments in multiple hospital systems across San Antonio, Boerne, and New Braunfels. She has also worked as a clinical supervisor in the private and public sectors. With this experience, Julie only reinforced her belief that combining medication management support and psychiatric counseling can improve patient outcomes. 

The mission of STAT Counseling & Consulting, LLC, is to ensure that each and every client is treated as a person and not just a diagnosis. They go further, noting their mission is to foster a common goal with dedicated, passionate providers that provide personalized, high-quality, compassionate care to the whole person, to promote empowerment of clients to maintain their mental wellness, to provide comprehensive mental healthcare services in a supportive atmosphere where clients feel heard and understood without judgment, and to educate their clients in conjunction with talk therapy and medication management, working together as a team to help achieve the best mental health state possible.

Julie and her team prioritize integrative psychiatry, which is part of her emphasis on addressing whole-person care needs in mental health treatment. Additionally, Julie welcomes the opportunity to work with new clinicians just starting their careers as LCSW Clinical Supervisors and is committed to educating others about mental health in a collaborative setting.